About Me

I have wanted to be a therapist since I was 12 years old. My mother was battling breast cancer, and I had the need to talk to someone about the anxieties I was dealing with regard to my mom. Since then, I knew I wanted to help people discuss what was on their minds and to help them if I could.

I have four children and know the joys and difficulties that can come from parenting. My life experiences with my children have provided me an education that I could not have had going to school. I am able to provide not only that experience but also to utilize my education to help provide encouragement, support, and alternative directions for you.

I specialize in children and adolescents who are having difficulties in many different areas of their life. I counseled children at Claremont Unified School District during my studies at the University of La Verne for one and one-half years, did my doctoral internship at Children's Institute, Inc. in Los Angeles, California for over one year, and was a registered psychologist at The Children's Center of the Antelope Valley in Lancaster, California.

My other specialty is addictions: gambling, alcohol, drug use, and sex. My dissertation for my doctoral degree was based on research into the various addictions for which I now specialize. I am a preferred provider for the State of California for the provision of free treatment for those that gamble and also for those that are affected by someone who gambles.

Simply call or text Dr. Audrey S. Johnson at 818-384-3115 for an appointment to discuss any area in which I specialize.

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