Walk and Talk Therapy

Do you feel stressed out to the point that you feel your stomach is in knots and your mind is racing a mile a minute?

Do you have relationship, family or personal concerns that are making it difficult for you to deal with things correctly?

Do you feel you need someone to talk with but have tried going to a therapist’s office, but it just didn’t feel right and you want something different?

Let me introduce you to Walk and Talk Therapy . This type of therapy is taking therapy “off of the couch” and in the atmosphere you want such as a park, an office setting, or the beach. I can come to you, and we can talk about what is on your mind in surroundings where you may feel comfortable.

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable leaving your own home, or it is difficult for you to get around. Walk and Talk Therapy may be the answer for you by having the therapist come to you.

I have over three years experience with Walk and Talk Therapy . It works extremely well with those with anxiety and depression, especially agoraphobia (difficulty leaving the house) or those that find that they are too busy to leave the house/office because their time is very valuable.

Can we meet at my office the first time? Absolutely! We can do Walk and Talk Therapy when you feel comfortable.
How long are the sessions? The sessions are 80 minutes and cost $425.

What about confidentiality when out walking? It is important to take note of others around and if you feel uncomfortable revealing anything, that is fine. We should meet in an area you feel comfortable with and you reveal as much as you would like during our sessions. The only difference is I am coming to you and we are walking.

Do you have to come to me? No, we can meet in many places as I shared earlier. These could be around your office, Old Town Calabasas, around my office, and so on.

Please just call or text Dr. Audrey S. Johnson at 818-384-3115 if you would like to find out more or when you would like to start.

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