Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents are very resilient to difficult situations but sometimes act out their feelings instead of talking about them. The child’s performance or behavior is often affected. It is best to deal with these things before they become a crisis instead of after the fact.

Does your child have difficulty focusing, problems with social skills, difficulty paying attention in various settings, fidgety, easily distracted, fails to give close attention to details, forgetful, difficulty awaiting his turn?

Is your child not achieving what you feel he is capable of achieving at school?

Does your child have difficulty keeping friends interested or just doesn’t seem to have as many friends as you feel he should have at this developmental level?

Does your child get in trouble at school on a regular basis and you don’t know what to do?

Does your child lose his temper easily, argue with others, annoyed by others, and blames others for his mistakes?

I provide a warm and nurturing environment that will help your child break free from these unwanted and disruptive behaviors. Call or text Dr. Audrey Johnson at 818-384-3115 for an appointment today to benefit your child.

Help your child overcome these disruptive and negative behaviors today.

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