Addictive behaviors not only affect the individual but also the family and community. Have you or a family member been:

  • drinking too much,
  • using illicit drugs,
  • gambling too much,
  • consumed with a sexual behavior such as sexting, compulsive use of porn, or going to strip clubs?

Is it affecting you not only emotionally but financially?

Do you often feel great denial, regret, and shame afterwards?

Do you find you have to distort the truth to hide these behaviors so others won’t know or know how much you are doing them?

Do you find yourself minimizing the behavior?

Is your spouse fed up, and you now blame or devalue your spouse?

Is your work suffering or are you losing sleep at night because you fear you may lose your job, your family or your reputation because of these behaviors?

Are you tired of your spouse or partner's behaviors?

Do you feel a loss of control over behaviors that are consuming your life?

It is possible to have a good life without being consumed with these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Call or text Dr. Audrey S. Johnson at 818-384-3115 to make an appointment to explore your options.

Don’t let these behaviors control your life any longer.

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